Abolish eye bags with and without the use of surgery

Not a soul likes bags under their eyes; they generally make you look more tired and older than your true age, and often they don’t get any better with increased sleep and healthier diet plans.

You will see that there are two different approaches for bags under the eyes: non-surgical dermal fillers and eye bag removal surgery.

So what causes bags to appear?

Before you decide to have the treatment it is important to understand what causes bags under the eyes in the first place, there are several factors that will cause someone to have bags under their eyes, and we will now discuss the 3 most common factors.

The most occurring for bags to appear is the loss of fatty tissue within the upper cheek, directly below the eye bags. The fatty tissue that resides just below the skin is present throughout the face. With the aging process you will notice that it breaks down in your cheeks at a faster rate that it does below your eyes. As a result of this is uneven deflation, your eyes are left with elevated or extend bulges of fat underneath them, thus creating eye bags.

Another cause of bags below the eyes is the weakening of the orbital septum. The orbital septum is a membrane that holds the fat under the eye, where it is tucked away from the skin. The process of aging will weaken the septum, as this is happens it will push the fat and make it bulge outward applying pressure onto the skin. This factor will be one contribution towards bags under the eye.

How to treat bags without surgery

Dermal fillers are the most effective way to eliminate eye bags without the need for surgical alteration. Dermal fillers are gels that are made of a substance called hyaluronic acid, this substance is found naturally occurring in the human body and this will restore lost volume to facial soft tissue.

For patients with eye bags that are caused by cheek deflation, dermal fillers will be able to restore a smooth transition from the under-eye to the cheeks and this will eliminate the appearance of bags under the eyes. Patients with excess fat under the eyes will benefit from dermal fillers as well, but this will depend on the aesthetics of the face.

Once the procedure is complete you will be able to work the same day or the next looking their best. A few uncommon side effects are; tenderness, redness and swelling for the first 7 days after treatment.

Removing bags with surgical procedure

Patients with eye bags that are caused by an excess of fat under the eyes, I would recommend a surgical procedure to remove the bags.

The procedure is done by removing or adjusting the fat under the eyes to flatten the bags. In some cases the removal of excess skin under the eye will benefit the customer.

After the surgery I would advise having a week to recover, the full recovery usually takes between four to six weeks. This all varies on your body natural healing pace and your doctors instructions.

What to do now?

Now you have seen the different options that are available, book your consultation now.

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