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Non Surgical RhinoPlasty

    Non-Surgical Liquid Rhinoplasty

    Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty involves injecting a hyaluronic acid dermal filler above the dorsal hump to fill above a bump to give the illusion of a straight nose, and sometimes under the base of the nose to give lift as appropriate to the individual patient and their needs. The overall effect is a smoother, proportionate and smaller looking nose which helps to alter the shape and even out the profile.

    The results tend to last between 12-18 months whereby the filler gets broken down slowly by the body, allowing it to go back to its original shape. This varies from person to person

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Procedure Time?

    10 Minutes of injecting, 30 minutes with a compulsory consultation.

    Will I Need Downtime?

    You should expect the area to be a little red and possible a little tender for 24 hours after your treatment. The area can be swollen for up to 2 weeks after treatment but you should not experience any pain or real downtime.

    Will It Hurt?

    Mild discomfort upon injection

    How Quickly Will I See Results?


    How Much Does It Cost?


    Non Surgical RhinoPlasty before/after
    Man before/after Rhinoplasty
    Woman who has had RhinoPlasty
    Pre/post RhinoPlasty
    Non-surgical Rhinoplasty before and after
    Non Surgical Rhinoplasty at Aesthetics of Essex
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