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For the last five years I’ve been fed up with the bags under my eyes. I’d used various creams and firming treatments which didn’t have much effect.
My friend had the PLEXR treatments which removes the loose skin and the bags under the eyes. She recommended Dr. Sherif at Aesthetics of Essex.
He said that I was suitable for the treatment – I couldn’t wait. I was so looking forward to the end result.
After numbing the treatment took about 30 mins and it had amazing immediate results…. the next few days there was a lot of swelling and the skin did scab which is normal which fell off after 7 days and I was thrilled with how it looked. Since then I have had two more treatments.

I would recommend PLEXR to anyone. The results are subtle. I look like I have had a lovely rest and a good night’s sleep. My eyes are open and you can see my upper eyelid. The skin below is much tighter.

Can’t thank Aesthetics of Essex and Dr Sherif enough.


Adele Cole 08/12/2016 11th January 2017

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