Skin Peel Treatment

As part of the skincare available at Aesthetics of Essex, we provide a selection of skin peels including flower enzyme, salicylic and lactic peels. The majority of these predominantly target the facial area.

This type of treatment is popular with all skin types and of all ages. Each type of peel has qualities that cater for a particular skin feature. Such features include fine lines, mild scarring, certain forms of acne, age spots, dark patches and dull skin. As a group, skin peels generally utilize a medical lotion, which when applied to the skin intensively exfoliates by removing the outer surface to unveil fresher skin.

At Aesthetics of Essex we understand the daily process that your skin endures and so the products we use are specifically designed to aid this process. Furthermore, our products are all pharmaceutically-graded and combine natural fruit acids and high levels of ingredients with antioxidants to leave your skin with instantly noticeable results. Our nurse is fully trained and sympathetic to any skin condition you may be suffering with, whether it is Rosacea acne, sun damage or ageing for example. She can advise and help you, as well as provide you with information regarding homecare products and what one’s are most suitable for you. So, if you feel that a skin peel is for you, book a consultation for further information and reassurance by our professionals!

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