Scouse brow

“Who’s” got a Scouse brow now?

So ‘who’ was that almost certainly sporting a ‘Scouse Brow’ on one of TV’s hottest programmes this month?

It was none other than Pearl Mackie, the lucky lady who landed the much-coveted role as the new Doctor Who companion, ‘Bill Potts’!

The reviews were in and they were pretty much universally ‘rave’ ones. Pearl certainly took the small screen by storm and was an equal match for the current Doctor, Peter Capaldi.

Here she is, being interviewed by Marie Claire magazine, including some photos:

But what were those snaking across her forehead – yes, surely it was none other than a serious case of the ‘Scouse Brow’- or, in fact, Brows?

For the lowdown on this startling trend, which emerged a few years ago, click here to read the tongue-in-cheek Daily Telegraph ‘take’ on this look:

They’ve been a bit harsh about the trend overall, though, as Pearl’s charm and talent means you can overlook what is probably a slightly less scary version of the Scouse Brow. And even Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, has joined the ‘Scouse Brow’ club in recent years, so Pearl is in good company.

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