Be Safe Rather Than Sausage-Like

Be safe to avoid the sausage effect

We can’t say it enough – be safe rather than sorry.

Any kind of cosmetic treatments can entail some risk. But if you come to the professionals, such as our trained, experienced practitioners here at Aesthetics of Essex, you can be confident of a good result with minimal pain and risk.

People who don’t do their research can end up having painful treatments with very unfortunate results. The unlucky lady featured in the link below to a Daily Mail story not only experienced the worst pain of her life after an injection into her lips but was left looking as though she had two sausages stuck to her face. NOT a good look…

At Aesthetics of Essex we adhere to very strict ways of working to ensure safe practice and effective results. This is because we source reputable, qualified and experienced doctors, nurses and other professionals.

Many people think their lips aren’t plump enough. Lip fillers, such as the ones that we use, can be the answer. They get rid of folds and wrinkles around your mouth, and add volume to your lips as well as defining your cupid’s bow. We use anti-ageing dermal fillers and lip injections to give you the look you want in a safe environment.

But don’t take our word for it. Here are the words of one satisfied customer, who came to us for lip fillers:

“I am very pleased with my visit to this clinic. They were friendly and well experienced. Will definitely be going back for another treatment.”

Read more about lip fillers – and more reviews for Aesthetics of Essex – elsewhere on our website.

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