Real Men Wear Wigs

Although it’s probably fair to say that hair loss is more traumatic for women than for men, men may well feel more awkward about wearing wigs.

But at Angel Wigs, we are quite used to seeing men who have made the brave step of coming forward and saying they need a bit of help to make up for what they have lost. We know how sensitive you can feel about it and we will do our best to use all our experience and expertise to help and encourage you through the process

First of all, know that you are not alone. At the website, you’ll see a whole host of celebrities who have had a little help with their thinning – or non-existent – locks:

And for the real life experience of a male wig-wearer, read – or dip into – this piece from Esquire magazine in which writer Johnny Davis tells his not-so-hairy tale.

Here at Angel Wigs, we have a range of wigs, toupees and hairpieces for you to choose from. But which is right for you? We’ll happily give you help and guidance in making your choice, but here are the basics:
Wigs = a full head of hair, often taken off at night or while taking part in some activities.
Toupees = a smaller option, designed to cover baldness on top of the head
Hairpiece = customised for your needs, depending on the coverage you require, fitted and adjusted/re-adjusted by the supplier (i.e. Angel Wigs).

Angel Wigs offers a specially-chosen selection of wigs, hairpieces and toupees for men. We’ll welcome you to our discreet consultation room in order to find a product that will match the colour, style and texture of what is (or was) your natural hair. With a variety of styles (including straight and curly), our products can be fully-customised by our skilled stylists. Angel Wigs’ priority is to provide a natural finish along with a comfortable fit.

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