Fork-ing out for a facial?

If there’s an unusual anti-ageing treatment, it’s no surprise that pop star Madonna is one of the first in line to snap it up.

But when it comes to one of the latest wheezes, it IS a bit startling to find that the usually down-to-earth TV presenter Kate Garraway has jumped on the bandwagon.

The skin tightening treatment in question has become known as the ‘fork facial’, although, to be fair, it is more scientific than it sounds. You can read more about it in the Press Association article in this link.

You’ll see a slightly scary photo of Madonna, which she posted on Instagram, of herself during the treatment (and were the bunny ears necessary?), but Kate Garraway goes on to confirm that she has also tried the treatment – which involves running a fork-like device over the surface of the face – and she can confirm that there is some ‘science’ involved in it.

At Aesthetics of Essex, we’re only too well aware of the many factors that can cause skin to age – and how this worries people. Individuals like Madonna, who have passed the 50 mark, are going to find that the damage done to their skin in their youth (by, for instance, sun exposure) can take between 10 to 30 years to show up.

But we offer a number of tried and tested anti-ageing treatments here in our clinic and adhere to strict procedures so you can be confident that our treatments are safe as well as effective. We source only reputable qualified and experienced doctors, nurses and aesthetic professionals, and, as a further safeguard, we offer free treatment consultation sessions before you embark on any treatments with us.

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