Micropigmentation/Semi-Permanent Make-Up

Aesthetics of Essex offer a wide variety of cosmetic services which extend to Micro pigmentation, more commonly known as the application of semi-permanent make-up. This semi-permanent make- up phenomenon is a recent one, becoming increasingly popular over the last fifteen years. The procedure involves inserting hyperallergic pigments into the dermal layer of skin, which then can stay in the skin for up to three years.

Cosmetically, semi-permanent make-up provides an alternative to temporary cosmetics that are typically applied to eyebrows, eye lids, lips, cheeks, and areas of hair loss. Thus, semi-permanent make-up is convenient for those who are allergic to normal make-up, don’t have the time to apply it daily, have oily skin that causes make-up to smear and those who have a physical disability that prevents them from being able to apply cosmetics. Having a semi-permanent make-up treatment will naturally enhance your features, whether it’s by shaping your face, emphasizing your best assets or opening up your eyes. Either way, you can be guaranteed a boost of confidence and self-esteem as you look polished and glowing at any time of day without the daily routine of applying and removing the cosmetics.

Our nurse at Aesthetics of Essex, Joanna, has been qualified in applying semi-permanent make-up for twelve years, and has passed her skills onto others within this time. You can see examples of the work that she has performed on clients’ eyebrows, lips and eyes, and the natural improvement that was achieved. Additionally, Joanna has treated celebrities such as Katie Piper, who was in Channel 4’s “My Beautiful Face”, which documented her life after she was scarred with acid. With this highly-acclaimed status, we can therefore guarantee that our semi-permanent make-up specialist will accomplish stunning results that will safely and subtly emphasize your best qualities.

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