Laser Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening treatments instantly make you look younger. A bright smile can distract from the appearance of facial imperfections, is perceived as more youthful and can boost your self-esteem dramatically. Our exclusive teeth whitening technique is guaranteed to give 10 shades of lift to stained teeth.

We offer two teeth whitening procedures: LoveLite teeth whitening and laser teeth whitening. Lovelite are one of the UK’s most innovative cosmetic teeth whitening companies in London. The procedure for LoveLite teeth whitening involves a de-sensitising gel, to sooth your teeth and prepare them for treatment, a whitening paste and magenta LED light – which is used to activate the paste. Achieve exceptional results in less than an hour, watch the procedure here.

Our premium Professional Laser Teeth Whitening package is only £199. With this package offer, you will receive a FREE shade scale and oral examination with your laser teeth whitening treatment! We can guarantee you up to 10 shades of lift in less than 30 minutes. Find out more information on our teeth whitening treatments

Dr Ricky Ghosh’s laser teeth whitening services are exclusive to us; however, he has previously transformed many smiles in both the NHS and private sector. Ricky Ghosh is a qualified dentist, conducts an excellent teeth whitening service and has been giving people a brighter smile since 2008.

Although over-the-counter home whitening kits may seem like a cheaper solution, they do not contain highly concentrated ingredients to give you maximum shades of lift. They can also cause major tooth sensitivity when overused or left on for longer than the recommended time. With professional teeth whitening, we can assure you a safe, comfortable procedure and immediate, visible results after just one session.

When you book an appointment with us, an assessment of your teeth will be carried out prior treatment to ensure you are suitable candidate. We can also recommend which treatment would be best suited to you.

Knock back signs of aged, stained teeth and lift your self-confidence with a new Hollywood smile!

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Don’t forget our nurse Debbie Mills is available for dermal filler injections, anti line and wrinkle injections and lip fillers treatments throughout September!

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