Fabulous Thigh Contours and Shapely Legs Are A Dream Come True

Many women find that the thighs remain stubbornly resistant to exercise or diet, especially after rapid weight loss. Cellulite, fat cells and excess skin can accumulate on the thighs and excess skin may hang in unattractive folds giving the appearance that people are heavier, older and less fit than they actually are. Many women find that they become self-conscious about their appearance and find it almost impossible to tone their thighs. This problem can worsen with age and excess skin may start to hang more, limiting the choice of clothing and may cause embarrassment, especially whilst on holiday at the beach or at the swimming pool.

A Thigh lift or ThighPlasty is a cosmetic surgical procedure to remove excess skin and tissue from the thigh and is an excellent way to improve the contour of the upper legs. A thigh lift will be performed under a general anaesthetic and the procedure can take between 2 to 3 hours, depending on the amount of fat and skin that needs to be removed.

At Aesthetics of Essex an initial consultation will determine your precise, individual needs and the surgeon will work with you to create a personalised surgical plan, thus helping you achieve the appearance you desire with the least invasive procedure available. During this consultation, it is very important that you be thorough when providing your medical history, as this information will help to prevent complications during your care. Honesty regarding your use of tobacco and alcohol is also very important, as these may have a profound impact on your recovery period and your ability to heal following your treatment.

You will notice an improvement in your thigh contour immediately and your shape will continue to improve in the following weeks as the mild swelling subsides. Your legs will be sore for several days, but this will rapidly subside. Most patients are able to resume their normal daily activities within several days following surgery and they are able to resume all physical activities within four to six weeks of surgery.

You can make a positive transformation to the quality of your life by having a thigh lift at Aesthetics of Essex and your courage will be rewarded, resulting in a significant change to your physical appearance and a boost to your self-confidence.

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