The CryoPen: Getting rid of life’s little annoyances – painlessly

Skin tags, warts, milia…so many of us suffer from these generally harmless but almost always annoying skin problems.

Here is a wealth of information on this US website about these little annoyances – as you will gather, you’re not alone if you are plagued by them:

At Aesthetics of Essex we use a special piece of equipment called a CryoPen to remove everything from skin tags and milia to warts and blood blisters (also known as cherry angiomas).

Yes, we’ve all seen the various ‘over the counter’ methods , which may involve applying substances to remove some these little skin imperfections, but then you’ll have all the mess of these ‘preparations’ and also the worry that if you’re doing it yourself you might be doing it wrong – and, worst of all, doing your skin some damage.

Wouldn’t it be so much better to put yourself in the hands of the experts? Come to Aesthetics of Essex to be treated with the CryoPen for great results.

Aesthetics of Essex is an anti-ageing laser clinic which also offers cosmetic surgery. Whatever treatment you’re having, one of our main aims is to boost your self-confidence. Best of all – and you won’t get this from a random, ‘over the counter’ purchase – our qualified, experienced and carefully-chosen professionals deal with your skin imperfections while following strict procedures. This means you’re super-safe in our hands and you get effective results.

Let us work our magic with the CryoPen! Using this state-of-the-art device we can achieve much better results than are possible with more traditional cryotherapy (for instance, applying liquid nitrogen with a cotton bud, which is involved in many over the counter treatments).

There’s no chance of being exposed to any dangerous gases/liquids and it’s a low-risk procedure. You can get this simple, safe, effective treatment without referral here at Aesthetics of Essex, and we offer free consultations.

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