Cosmetic Surgery Consultations With Jallali

The wonderful and very popular cosmetic surgeon Dr.Jallali is at our clinic today discussing procedures with our clients!

We’ve had a large number of you booking consultations to discuss boob jobs, tummy tucks and facelifts, literally taking the phrase “New year, new you” to a whole new level. Seems a lot of you have body improvement plans for the new year.

The fantastic thing about our consultations is they are in fact free. And, completely comprehensive. Mr. Jallali is friendly and welcoming, always giving honest opinions regarding implications, complications and limitations of your proposed surgery. So, if you’re thinking about having a cosmetic procedure, it’s worthwhile to book a relaxed chat.

You can call us on 01708 225555 or 01708 222224 right now to find out about consultation availability.

During consultations, you are given the opportunity to discuss everything. From the operation itself to recovery and aftercare, any questions you have will be answered by our professional.

Just because you have a consultation with our surgeon does not mean you have to book your procedure!

All about Mr.Navid Jallali

Dr Jallali is fully registered with the General Medical Council (GMC) and appears on the specialist register for plastic surgery. His GMC registration number is 4404969

He’s considered one of the leading plastic surgeons in the UK and specialises in head and neck, skin and breast microsurgical reconstruction, and has appeared on the well known TV program “Botched up bodies.”

Mr Jallali has extensive experience and skills in breast augmentation, breast reduction, gynaecomastia, abdominoplasty, face lift and rhinoplasty. He is very highly regarded within the medical world and has a specialist interest in fat grafting and dual plane breast augmentation.

Find out more about Dr.Jallali

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Available Cosmetic Procedures
The procedures carried out by Navid Jallali at Aesthetics of Essex include both surgery for the face and body. The most popular options include:

– Breast augmentation
– Breast uplift
– Breast reduction
– Facelift
– Rhinoplasy (nose job)
– Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck)
– Liposuction
You can view the full list of cosmetic treatments available at our clinic on our cosmetic surgery page

Boob Jobs: Before and Afters

Breast surgery (boob jobs) allows you to increase the size of your breasts, reduce the size of your breasts or lift breasts that have become saggy.

You can get the size you have always wanted with breast augmentation with advice provided by an experienced professional. When discussing your breast augmentation procedure with our surgeon, he will provide recommendations on the best implant size for you.

The size of implant required for your surgery will depend on your frame and body structure. Jallali’s experience in the industry makes him one of the best people to speak to about breast surgery and seek advice from.

If you would like to see breast surgery results (including enlargement, uplift and reduction) you can visit Jallali’s portfolio

Don’t rush into you procedure because of price! You need to give yourself time to understand the complications.

– Research your cosmetic procedure and understand the risks.
– You need to take into account the experience of your surgeon and the standards of the clinic.
– Only go with qualified, registered surgeons. They have the expertise to give you the advice you need.
– Don’t go for the cheapest surgeon or clinic – do your research into surgery results, reviews, and qualification and industry history.
– Understand the recovery and after care process. You will need to prepare yourself in advance.

Why Do You Need a Consultation?
A surgeon will not agree to operate without you having first had thinking time. Give you time to process the information given to you by your cosmetic surgeon during consultation and are fully aware of the benefits, risks and complications of surgery.

If after your thinking time (14 days) you can decide to have another consultation with your surgeon, then you can do so.

You can watch a tummy tuck consultation held by Dr.Jallali on our Youtube channel!

Note: 2 weeks (14 days) decision time is recommended after a consultation and before booking your cosmetic surgery date.
Are You Aware of Aftercare?
When you’re considering cosmetic surgery you need to be aware of the aftercare available to you once you have had your operation.

The care available to you after surgery varies per cosmetic surgeon, but its sole purpose is to ensure you are covered and looked after as your body heals and adapts.

All aftercare on offer after your procedure will be outlined by an aftercare agreement which is provided by your surgeon or clinic, and should be summarised during your consultation.

After care for cosmetic surgery can range from 2 – 5 years.

For more information regarding a consultation with Mr Navid Jallali – or one of our other surgeons – contact us or call 01708 225 555 for our earliest available booking dates.

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