Can you have a neck lift without a face lift?

Many people always come-up with this misconception that you will need to have a face lift before you can have a neck lift, however this is simply not true. If you wonder if this is plausible the other way around then your answer is “maybe”. If you don’t have a massive amount of neck skin then it will be possible to have your face lifted to remove the jowls (this is the hanging skin on the jaw line) and this would avoid any potential damage that can be done to the neck. However this does depend on how much excess neck skin you have, ask in store if it’s feasible.

Going back to the neck lift procedure, if you a small amount of jowling (skin that hangs along the jaw line) it will be possible to make incisions behind the ear(s) and be able to lift the neck skin. While a full face lift is very safe, some patients sometimes have more anxiety when discussing a face lift verses a neck lift.

Another factor to keep in mind is that if you opt to have a neck lift only this can highlight any jowling that might already have. Even if you did have very little excess skin along the jaw line before surgery, the adjustments to your neck can make your jowls look a lot heavier even though nothing has been done in this area. It is important to keep this in mind before choosing the “neck lift only” option.

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