What is the best age for cosmetic surgery?

We all want to look our best from top to toe, but often it’s difficult to know when is the right time to opt for cosmetic surgery/treatments on which part of our face or body.

Leap in and have them too early and you may find that you have to have the procedure repeated sooner than you wanted to. Leave it too late and there may be nothing that can be done to rectify your wrinkled face or sagging bosom.

In the article in the link below (to the Daily Mail website), Leah Hardy has canvassed the opinions of various experts about what works best when.

For example, surgeon Alex Karidis, of the St John and St Elizabeth Hospital, London, says he’s seen women with ‘terribly saggy faces’ asking him if they’re too young for a facelift when, sadly, it is already too late. Conversely, he’s been asked for liposuction by women their 20s – when they are definitely far too young. Click here to read more.

The piece suggests optimum ages for various procedures – for example, treatment for age spots is best left till you are aged 50 or over, and for lip enhancement it suggests the very specific age of 37.

There are often particular medical reasons why cosmetic surgeries and cosmetic treatments are best carried out when the patient is a particular age or within a particular age range, but it can’t really be a ‘one size fits all’ situation. That’s why it is best to come in  person to a clinic such as Aesthetics of Essex, where we can advise you about the wide variety of non-surgical and anti-ageing treatments we offer.

If you don’t know where to start, our free consultations are invaluable. We don’t ‘pressure sell’ – we just offer our experience, professionalism and, importantly, an understanding ear.

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