Be Beautiful for Success

The good-looking get ahead

They say that ‘fortune favours the brave’ but it seems that these days ‘fortune favours the fair’.

There have been many studies whose results show that people who are perceived to be more attractive are also thought to be nicer, more decent people – and go on to be more successful.

Only this month, in the Evening Standard, columnist Charles Saatchi wrote a thoughtful piece on this very subject (see link below)

He says: “Agreeable-looking people gain distinct advantages in society….Pleasing-looking job applicants have (also) been demonstrated to stand a better chance of securing desirable jobs with higher salaries.”

And you don’t have to go very far to improve your looks. Aesthetics of Essex is based here in Upminster. Browse our website to see our wide variety of non-surgical and anti-ageing treatments. These include chemical peels and laser treatments, and we also offer minor clinical services – for instance, the removal of skin tags and age spots.

We want to help you move forward in your life with ease by rejuvenating your look and boosting your self-confidence, so we also offer surgical procedures which focus on improving the appearance of your body. These procedures range from face/body contouring treatments to breast enhancement.

And don’t think that age is a barrier. In his Evening Standard piece, Charles Saatchi quotes the experience of a 60-year-old who has had a facelift. She says: “I felt 30 again even if of course all that happened was that I looked younger, fitter and happier. And none of my friends were certain what I had done.”

As Saatchi says elsewhere in his article, cosmetic intervention can work surprisingly well. Done well, it is largely unnoticeable, simply helping to combat ‘the inexorable rigours of the age-clock’!

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