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Teeth-whitening: when it’s done well, it can knock years off your appearance and make you look more attractive. Done badly, it can make you the butt of many jokes.
Because, when it comes to teeth, whiter isn’t always better. Everyone secretly – or not so secretly – hankers after a so-called ‘Hollywood smile’ but over-whitened teeth can look out of place in rainy old Britain, making it too obvious that you’ve had work done.
Rylan Clark-Neal – he of X-Factor (and now TV programme presenting) fame – is a good example. Whatever he’s had done to his gnashers (whitening, veneers, a bit of both?), even he seems to acknowledge that perhaps things have gone a bit too far…
And here are just some of the horror stories – and the inspirational ones – involving some familiar faces, as featured in the Daily Mail:


Teeth-whitening is now one of the most popular aesthetic dental treatments and here at Aesthetics of Essex you’re in safe hands. We’ll make sure you get a whiter but natural-looking smile.
Professional teeth-whitening is a cosmetic procedure that must legally be carried out by a dentist avoid any permanent damage. Our registered dental professional Teki uses the ‘Philips Zoom!’ teeth-whitening product to produce great results within an hour.
Teeth become discoloured for various reasons, including natural aging or eating strongly-coloured foods, which can penetrate the tiny pores in the surfaces of our teeth, making the enamel discoloured.
Here at Aesthetics of Essex, we’ll have an honest and realistic chat with you about the degree of change we can make to your smile without making it look unrealistically white.You want to look like you – but better. You want people to say how great you look without them staring pointedly at your teeth and asking what you’ve had done. That said, there’s nothing like a personal recommendation, so if you’re happy with Teki’s work, let others know!
So, for a lighter and brighter smile, visit our friendly salon and go from yellow to white in around an hour in the hands of Teki, our trained and experienced professional.

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