Forget the fruity sweating and come to us

It’s summer – well, in a British sort of way…one minute we’ve got a heatwave caused by a ‘Spanish plume’, then we get a cold showery day. But either way, when it gets hot, no-one wants to feel, smell or look all sweaty. Over the years there have been various remedies for sweating but surely none more wacky than the one featured in this piece from the Femail section of the Daily Mail. Yes, in the section ‘In the limelight’ […]

And the age for change is…39

New research has showed that the average age a woman first has cosmetic surgery is 39 – and it’s dropped below 40 for the first time. The previous average, in 2012, was 42. Men are also opting for cosmetic surgery at a younger age – in the same time period, their average age has gone down from 47 to 45. You can read all about the research by clicking this link to the Daily Mail online. But, to summarise, it […]