It’s all about the fibroblasts!

It’s official – fibroblasts hold the key to skin regeneration. Fibroblasts are a type of cell that is found in the connective tissue of the body’s organs. Here, they produce proteins such as collagen – and most of us have heard something about how important collagen is in keeping our skin looking fresh and young. They are the key to skin rejuvenation and, here at Aesthetics of Essex, where we are always determined to boost our knowledge of what treatments […]

Let the experts give your skin a fresh look

Microdermabrasion…chemical peels…if you’re not an expert these can sound quite scary. But in the hands of experts, such as our professionals at Aesthetics of Essex, you’ll be armed with all the information and reassurance you need to achieve a fresh, new look. We offer both these procedures at our clinic in Upminster and, as with all our products and treatments, before we decide to offer them, we carry out detailed research. We want our Aesthetics of Essex customers to look […]