Safety first

Safe in our hands Whether it’s a relatively simple anti-ageing treatment or more radical cosmetic surgery, the one thing we all want to feel during such procedures is safe. Aesthetics of Essex is your local – Upminster – anti-ageing, laser clinic. We’ve also introduced cosmetic surgery as well as hair transplants. These can all transform your appearance, giving you the looks you want. Our ethos is all about rejuvenating your appearance to give you that self-confidence boost. But all this […]

Scouse brow

“Who’s” got a Scouse brow now? So ‘who’ was that almost certainly sporting a ‘Scouse Brow’ on one of TV’s hottest programmes this month? It was none other than Pearl Mackie, the lucky lady who landed the much-coveted role as the new Doctor Who companion, ‘Bill Potts’! The reviews were in and they were pretty much universally ‘rave’ ones. Pearl certainly took the small screen by storm and was an equal match for the current Doctor, Peter Capaldi. Here she […]

Barcode lines

Banish the barcode lines! Ladies, we hate to break it to you, but just when you thought the world had run out of unpleasant epithets for the bits of your body you don’t like, up pops a new one. We’ve all heard of trout pouts, bingo wings, saddlebags, cankles…now how about ‘barcode lines’? A Daily Mail reader wrote to their columnist Dr Tracy Mountford saying that although she liked the way her numerous dental implants had given support to her […]


Liposuction gets real results We all know that models on the catwalk don’t look like the rest of us. But perhaps we’re entitled to expect a little bit more realism from the photos in adverts? Either way, fashion company Net-a-Porter shot itself in the foot recently – albeit in a most amusing way – when a mistake by someone within the organisation let a rather interesting photo into the public domain… The Net-a-Porter advert was for a pair of women’s […]