Be Safe Rather Than Sausage-Like

Be safe to avoid the sausage effect We can’t say it enough – be safe rather than sorry. Any kind of cosmetic treatments can entail some risk. But if you come to the professionals, such as our trained, experienced practitioners here at Aesthetics of Essex, you can be confident of a good result with minimal pain and risk. People who don’t do their research can end up having painful treatments with very unfortunate results. The unlucky lady featured in the […]

Facing the future in 2017

Fashions in facial treatments come and go but what we all want is to look our best. And if we’re choosing a treatment, we ideally want it to be quick, safe and effective. But how to decide what you need and which treatment to have? At the end of last month the Daily Express featured two experts talking about their ‘top treatments’ in 2016. They also gave a rundown of the most popular treatments. With the continued – if rather […]

No more waiting in ‘vein’

The trend for the ‘no make-up’ selfie is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it’s great that women are feeling empowered to show the world their natural, untouched look. But, in reality, it can make us even more self-conscious about our imperfections. Visit this link from the Daily Mail online to see some celebs au naturel – and to read about how they feel… Facial veins – whether in the form of thread veins, spider veins or telangectasia […]