Feet First

Verrucas, verrucae…no matter what you wanna call them, the result is the same. Nasty little warts on the bottom of your feet that cause a dragging, nagging, ongoing pain. Not what you want for the party season! As if you weren’t suffering enough to be beautiful, in your teetering, twinkling, vertiginous heels, you now have to cope with an extra, painful problem. In themselves, verrucas aren’t serious. They can even go away by themselves – but this can take a […]

No pain – Just gain

Pain, pain, go away. Or just don’t be there in the first place. For lots of us considering cosmetic treatments, one of our main questions/concerns is about the level of pain or discomfort that can be expected. Here at Aesthetics of Essex we want to make your treatment as pleasant and comfortable as possible. Partly because we want you to come back and to recommend us to your friends, but also because we want to enjoy our jobs and if […]