Hair Today!

Hair transplants have got a bad press – although Aesthetics of Essex is going all out to change all that. Singing superstar Sir Elton John has certainly had his fair share of the jibes – and not only from the general public. Fellow rocker Rod Stewart had a cheeky pop at Elton’s changing hair, while boasting about his own plentiful (if disordered) thatch. Read his comments in the Express by clicking here: Football’s Wayne Rooney didn’t fare much better […]

Giving It Some Lip

The late, lamented Pete Burns has been all over the news recently. His sudden death shocked fans, but they were probably used to shocks as they followed his facial transformations through the years – particularly those involving his lips… So, courtesy of The Sun, here’s how NOT to do ‘bigger lips’… it…. Not much better was the famous ‘Bride of Wildenstein’, someone else with money to burn who didn’t spend it wisely when it came to her looks But […]

Grey is the new….grey!

There was so nearly a female American President, but following the Trump triumph/shock (delete as appropriate) we’ll now have to look to our Prime Minister, Theresa May, as an example of a woman who has risen to one of the highest offices. And for many people, this will also include dissecting her ‘look’. Her changing wardrobe, not to mention those iconic leopard print kitten heels, have already been pored over so let’s now look at her hair. She’s just one […]

Real Men Wear Wigs

Although it’s probably fair to say that hair loss is more traumatic for women than for men, men may well feel more awkward about wearing wigs. But at Angel Wigs, we are quite used to seeing men who have made the brave step of coming forward and saying they need a bit of help to make up for what they have lost. We know how sensitive you can feel about it and we will do our best to use all […]

Treatments For The Young

Because they’re young Think anti-ageing facial treatments are just for people of a ‘certain age’? Think again. One of the younger set who has opted for an anti-ageing treatment is hot property Cara Delevigne. She’s one of those women who used to be dubbed a ‘WAH’ – Model, Actress, Whatever. Now she’s very definitely known as a model and an actress and her distinctive looks and quirky lifestyle have put her in the forefront of the current crowd of bright […]