Neck Lift

How to stop feeling ‘bad about your neck’ Millions of us loved and laughed at the film ‘When Harry Met Sally’ (classic line from an elderly woman, after Sally ‘fakes it’ in a restaurant: ‘I’ll have what she’s having!’). The writer responsible was Nora Ephron. But not so many people are familiar with Ephron’s books – although once discovered, especially by ‘ladies of a certain age’, they’re never forgotten. One of them in particular, a collection of essays called ‘I […]

Thread Veins

Veins-away It happens to most of us as we get a bit older – the dreaded thread veins. Although they aren’t harmful, it’s frustrating to see them anywhere, worst of all on our faces. And particularly annoying if people think it’s because we’ve been hitting the Pino Grigio too hard! Because, of course, thread veins – tiny blood vessels close to the skin’s surface, which look like very thin red/purple lines – can be caused by all sorts of factors. […]