Cosmetic treatments Locally

Keep local, keep safe We’ve probably all seen some of the horror stories about people going abroad for cut-price cosmetic surgery. Obviously there have been some good results, but wouldn’t you prefer to keep it local? You won’t have a long journey home and even though some clients come a long way to see us, it’s not like flying abroad and then back to the UK again in a post-surgery haze. If you want to bring someone with you to […]

Tattoo removal

Bye-bye to tatty tattoos ‘Think before you ink’ was the message from the Daily Mail when they featured the sorry tale of Cheryl’s mahoosive tattoo. Think Before You Ink As if bad taste in boyfriends wasn’t sad enough, the former Girls Aloud singer can’t seem to get it right in tattoo terms either. And it’s not as if every other celebrity does any better. Models, actresses, reality stars…they’re all here in this Telegraph piece: Bad Celebrity Tattoos (which, inevitably, includes […]

The Dermaroller – Why the Dermaroller does the trick

If there was a product that could stimulate the production of collagen to improve the appearance of your skin in terms of everything from fine lines, wrinkles and scarring (including acne scars) to stretch marks and ageing/sun damage, wouldn’t you think it was a minor miracle? Here at Aesthetics of Essex, we do! This magic tool is called the Dermaroller and it is a small, hand-held device which can be used for rejuvenating the skin on your face and your […]