The CryoPen: Getting rid of life’s little annoyances – painlessly

Skin tags, warts, milia…so many of us suffer from these generally harmless but almost always annoying skin problems. Here is a wealth of information on this US website about these little annoyances – as you will gather, you’re not alone if you are plagued by them: At Aesthetics of Essex we use a special piece of equipment called a CryoPen to remove everything from skin tags and milia to warts and blood blisters (also known as cherry angiomas). Yes, […]

It’s a man’s world

The ‘face’ (and body) of cosmetic surgery has been changing for a long while now. Time was when cosmetic procedures were mostly thought of as the preserve of women – and older ones at that. Now, thanks to the rise of the ‘metrosexual’ male, both grooming and surgical tweaking have become the norm for men of all ages. Predictably, America is leading the way, especially in the field of breast reduction surgery. Recent statistics show that for the first time […]

The eye(brows) have it!

OK, why do we have eyebrows in the first place? Like most of our physical features, they are there for an important purpose. In the case of brows, they keep moisture (sweat, rain) out of our eyes, helping us to see better. Read more from How Stuff Works: Over the years there have been various fashions in brows. First there was the natural brow (when women didn’t have time for much in the way of personal grooming). Then there was […]

A super smile can be yours – at Aesthetics of Essex

Teeth-whitening: when it’s done well, it can knock years off your appearance and make you look more attractive. Done badly, it can make you the butt of many jokes. Because, when it comes to teeth, whiter isn’t always better. Everyone secretly – or not so secretly – hankers after a so-called ‘Hollywood smile’ but over-whitened teeth can look out of place in rainy old Britain, making it too obvious that you’ve had work done. Rylan Clark-Neal – he of X-Factor […]