Sensationally Smooth with Soprano® XL

At risk of having embarrassing body hair in areas that haven’t had a visit from a razor or wax strip in a while (we’re all guilty), we’ve seen an increased number of enquiries for our professional laser hair removal treatments. This treatment can remove excessive or unsightly body hair on a number of areas and is proven to give hair growth reduction after the recommended course of treatments. If you’re not happy with shaving, tweezing or waxing to remove unwanted […]

No sweat with Aesthetics of Essex treatment

Everybody loves the summer time – but the thrill of the beach and the barbecue (and, on the downside, commuting on a hot train) isn’t the same if you suffer from excessive sweating. The amount we sweat varies from person to person and for many of us, anti-perspirants do the trick. But an unlucky minority of people suffer from hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating). With hyperhidrosis it isn’t as simple as just sweating because you’re anxious or being active. It is caused […]

How to prevent and cure Age spots

When people are aging they might notice splotches on the face, arms and hands. Whether you call them age spots, sun spots or liver spots these un-raised spots of increased pigmentation are a sign of aged/damaged skin. The sun causes this damage along with wrinkles and rough texture, these spots can appear brown, black or grey and will appear in the places that are most exposed to the sun. These range in size from small freckles to bigger circles. Age […]

The benefits of tummy tucking to your health

A tummy tuck is cosmetic surgery procedure that will tighten the muscles, remove loose skin and fat from the abdomen making it look flat and toned. This procedure is most common with mums to allow them to restore their figure after having children, abdominoplasty is also a viable option for people who have recently gone through extreme weight loss. Statistics show that there was a rapid increase in the procedure from the periods of 2000 – 2014 with an 87% […]

Abolish eye bags with and without the use of surgery

Not a soul likes bags under their eyes; they generally make you look more tired and older than your true age, and often they don’t get any better with increased sleep and healthier diet plans. You will see that there are two different approaches for bags under the eyes: non-surgical dermal fillers and eye bag removal surgery. So what causes bags to appear? Before you decide to have the treatment it is important to understand what causes bags under the […]