Our Very Merry Christmas Work Party!

For this year’s Christmas work party the team attended The Best Party Ever at Barley lands in the glorious town of Billericay. Amanda the practice director was joined by Teki the dentist, Roxanne, Lisa and Kim the medical aestheticians, our lovely receptionists Michaela and Amy, Jo our semi-permanent make up specialist, Tadzi our post op nurse, and Debbie Mills our anti-wrinkle and filler nurse. Head to our meet the team page to find out more about their qualifications and treatments. […]

Watch Veins Disappear Before Your Eyes!

Do you have thread veins? If you can see little blue, purple or red wiggly lines which are visible just underneath the skin, then yes, you could have thread veins. Therefore, you may benefit from one of our successful removal treatments… What are Thread Veins? Thread veins are tiny blood vessels that run close to the surface of the skin. They look like little blue, purple or red wiggly lines, and are visible. Also known as spider veins or broken […]

Cosmetic Surgery Consultations With Jallali

The wonderful and very popular cosmetic surgeon Dr.Jallali is at our clinic today discussing procedures with our clients! We’ve had a large number of you booking consultations to discuss boob jobs, tummy tucks and facelifts, literally taking the phrase “New year, new you” to a whole new level. Seems a lot of you have body improvement plans for the new year. The fantastic thing about our consultations is they are in fact free. And, completely comprehensive. Mr. Jallali is friendly […]

How to Get Rid of Unwanted Body Hair

Women put in a lot of effort to get their skin irresistibly smooth; waxing, shaving, plucking and now investing in laser treatments to slow down body hair growth so they stay smoother for longer. Surprisingly, it seems men are no exception to this method, as laser hair removal for men is no longer uncommon. Male Hair Growth While some men enjoy hairiness – they believe it makes them feel more masculine, giving them self-confidence – others feel embarrassed or self-conscious […]