Rhinoplasty (Nose Re-shaping)

More and more people in the UK are having Cosmetic Surgery to either enhance or correct specific features that they are not happy with on their face or body. Some people feel that having these cosmetic procedures will improve their own perceived body image, and increase their self-confidence. In places such as Essex, the pressure to look good is high. Confidence is attractive, and we believe everyone should feel comfortable with their physical appearance. Balance your facial features Rhinoplasty is […]

Exciting news at Aesthetics of Essex!

The clinic is full of exciting news at the moment with many new things happening! This blog article is our way of keeping you updated with new treatments, new team members, and treatment discounts that make looking younger for longer more affordable… Sarah’s Had a Baby! We would like to congratulate our Aesthetician Sarah who has been with us since we opened in 2012 for giving birth to a beautiful baby girl called Maisie. Weighing 7lbs 5oz, the winner of […]

Removing Tattoos Made Easy

A tattoo is a memory that can never be forgotten. Or is it? Often our reasons behind getting inked are the reasons behind having them removed. And, although a tattoo may have once represented deep sentimental value, tattoo removal is becoming ever more popular. Many of our clients are happy to share the stories and reasons behind having their tattoo removed. Reasons have included; break-ups, changes in interests, career prospects and maturity. According to research by machine manufacturer Syneron Candela, […]