Skin Science – How Much Do You Know?

The demand for Botox and other non-surgical treatments (such as dermal fillers, mole removal and thread lifts) is on the rise! A study published in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology showed nearly 200 patients treated with Botox for five or more continuous years – between 1999 to 2012 – received at least one treatment each year for frown lines. Our skin tells our life story. It shows whether we are healthy, or if we have had a […]

Male Enhancement Surgery Essex

Unknowingly to women, around 45% of men worry their penis size is too small. Many men feel a longer penis would improve their self-esteem and sex life. A man’s concern about his member can lead to avoidance of sexual relationships due to not wanting to be seen naked, or may compare their size to others in public changing facilities and feel embarrassed or inadequate. It also doesn’t help the fact that that men see their own penis from above, giving […]

Fancy a Chat with the Charming Mario Russo? He’s Back!

The well known cosmetic surgery genius, Dr Mario Russo, is back in Upminster! Now is the time to book your consultation with the highly respected and extremely popular expert; especially if you’ve been contemplating cosmetic surgery. Dr Russo is at our clinic on Tuesday 21st July. On this date, he will be able to answer questions you have about the procedures available. To ensure you get a consultation spot make sure you call us as soon as possible – Mario […]

Roll Back the Years

For some of us, a healthy diet and daily skin care routine is simply not enough when it comes to ways of improving our skin complexion. Large pours, blackheads and sun spots are common skin problems that affect our self confidence, hormonal acne from puberty could potentially leave acne scars, and let’s face it, facial wrinkles are inevitable. But what if we told you there is a skin rejuvenation treatment out there that can more-or-less reverse the signs of ageing, […]

WOW! Semi-Permanent Make-Up is Actually a Thing?

Described as the go-to beauty treatment by many of our clients, semi-permanent make-up is a safe and relatively quick treatment. Lasting up to 90 minutes, it’s perfect for anyone that would like to enhance facial features and reduce the time it takes to get ready in the morning. What is Semi-permanent make-up? Semi-permanent make up is the name for micro pigmentation; the process of implanting pigment into the facial area. It may also be known as cosmetic tattooing. Unlike getting […]