#kyliejennerchallenge sucks

This month, there’s been a new challenge trending over Social Media with its own hashtag: #kyliejennerchallenge. The Kylie Jenner challenge sparked after world-wide controversy over Kylie Jenner’s luscious lip transformation. Her dainty thin lips seemed to have doubled (if not, tripled) in size into a bee-stung pout over night, which has left everyone questioning whether it was down to her expert make-up skills, or – more likely – cosmetic lip filler injections? The challenge is being attempted by thousands of […]

Thread Vein Removal with Sclerotherapy

Visible thread veins on your legs can be a huge hindrance when it comes to joining in on activities this summer. The thought of exposing your legs at the beach, whilst on holiday or going shopping with unsightly veins doesn’t seem like something you would rush to do. You may feel that you can’t flaunt your signature holiday shorts or wear that dress you used to love because you have thread or varicose veins on your legs. Sclerotherapy is an […]

Male Body Contouring

The 21st century has seen a huge rise in the number of cosmetic procedures and plastic surgery carried out in the UK. According to figures from BAAPS, the number of nose jobs (Rhinoplasty), ‘boob jobs’ (Breast Enlargements), and Liposuction procedures all soared by more than 10% last year, the most common cosmetic procedure being Liposuction. Breast Enhancements were the most popular operation in women, while nose jobs dominated the top for the male population. These figures are not surprising due […]

Treating Rosacea

Rosacea is a common skin condition that causes embarrassing red rashes to appear on the surface of the skin, particularly the face. The skin becomes sensitive, and small papules and pus spots may form. Unfortunately there is no cure for Rosacea, however it’s not all bad news as there are ways of controlling the flare ups, scarring, and spots through a range of non-surgical treatments that we offer. Problematic Skin Living with a noticeable skin condition can weigh down heavily […]

Wrinkle Woes, Why Worry?

The desire to remain wrinkle free is as old as time itself. History tells us that European women drank large potions of poisonous arsenic, covered their faces in bat’s blood and even used warm male urine in an attempt to exfoliate their skin and preserve their unwrinkled face. And with the pressures of the media promoting unachievable beauty goals and photo shopped women it’s easy to worry about wrinkles; deemed the first sign of aging and loss of beauty! Wrinkles […]