Treating Hyperhidrosis

Hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating, is thought to affect almost 3% of the population. To sufferers, the condition can be a daily struggle, it knocks your confidence, restricts your lifestyle, and prevents you from forming relationships. Sweating is a natural response to certain conditions, such as physical activity, hot weather, anxiety or anger. However Hyperhidrosis is more than just a sweaty palm when you’re feeling nervous, it’s excessive sweat that occurs for no apparent reason on localised areas of the body; […]

Fancy a Massage?

Massages don’t just feel good, they feel amazing! And, they have health benefits too. Scientists have discovered another reason to indulge in regular massage sessions: this simple pleasure can lessen depression, lower blood pressure and help to ward off colds. When was the last time you had a massage? If you’re feeling tired or stressed and need an instant boost, try an Indian head massage. The Indian head massage has been practiced in India for over a thousand years. The […]

Hair Removal: Shave, Wax, or Laser?

Whichever hair removal technique you prefer, having hair in less favourable places often impacts our self confidence. Sometimes we don’t have the time to shave and it can cause us to cover up or feel self conscious. Quite frankly, unless it’s the hair on our head, the majority of us women prefer to be hairless and are happy remove it! However, excessive or unsightly body hair doesn’t only affect women, it can also be upsetting for men. The good news […]

Sunbeds: The Risks

Summer is only a few months away, holidays abroad are booked, the only thing left to do is to work on your pre-holiday tan before packing your suitcase and jetting off to your favourite holiday resort. Preparing your skin for long hours out in the blazing sun is key to obtaining a deep, longer-lasting tan and reducing the risk sun burn. Sunbeds and UV Tanning are popular methods of pre-holiday tanning that can help you to achieve this. Sunbeds cause […]