Tattoo Removal

Have you ever regretted your decision to get a tattoo? Or are you more like me and are worried about having a tattoo when you’re an elder? In the past few years tattoos have become an intransigent part of the fashion world, but are they really a permanent accessory anymore? As the number of people getting tattoos has been on the rise, there has been a corresponding demand for a more effective form of tattoo removal. Long gone are the […]

Chemical Peels and Skin pH

PH is a method of measuring the acidity or alkalinity of substances. The lower the pH, the stronger the chemical peel. When the skin’s proteins react with an acid of low pH, the acidic environment destroys the existing skin cells and tissues, and the bodies repair system works to replace the destroyed tissue. The skin, our largest organ, maintains a healthy pH in the range of 4 – 4.9. The purpose of this relatively acidic pH is to help the […]

The Evolution of Hair Restoration Surgery

Surprisingly, the origins of Hair Transplant Surgery (or Hair Restoration Surgery) lie further back than one might expect; over half a century ago! However, the methods used for this surgical treatment closely resemble many of those used today… Fascinating! Hair restoration is the replacement of hair that’s been lost. Causes of hair loss may be down to family history; accidental from trauma, burns or surgery; dermatological from scarring and non scarring alopecia’s; or self inflicted from eyebrow plucking, traction alopecia […]

Teeth whitening special offer!

This Christmas, we’ve got a special offer on our teeth whitening treatments! White teeth are glamorous, youthful and desired by everyone. We can’t deny instantly being attracted to someone that appears to have exceptional oral health and when you’re blinded by gleaming white teeth, it’s hard to not want some of your own… Teeth whitening with Phillips Zoom Whitening Philips Zoom Whitening is a gradual teeth whitening treatment that helps you get the brightest, whitest smile in the safest possible […]