Wake Up with No Make-up!

Taking care of our appearance is becoming more and more essential as we try to keep up with the celebrities in the fight against aging. With every event in constant demand of multiple selfies; and our lives plastered on social media channels, the pressure to be “picture perfect” is greater than ever! There are many procedures and treatments available to help alleviate the pressure, that accommodate every individuals needs and budget; ranging from Cosmetic Surgery to Microdermabrasion. Here at Aesthetics […]

Keep up to Date

Can’t get enough of us? Visit our pages and give us a like or follow to keep yourselves up to date with the very latest news and behind-the-scenes action at our salon in Upminster, Essex. Social Media gives us a great opportunity to spread the word about our amazing services and reach people from many areas. We like to broadcast videos about our treatment procedures so that you can see for yourself how each step is carried out – giving […]

Hair Transplantation – The Solution to Baldness

Did you know that around 40 percent of males show initial signs of hair loss as young as in their early to mid-twenties? Or that up to 30% of women will experience social and psychological stress due to hair loss? Premature baldness or thinning hair may be an early indication that you are one of the many people who will inevitably suffer from hair loss at some point in your life, whether it is down to genetics, stress or the […]

Make the most of our Massage treatments!

Why not try one of our luxurious massages to help you rehabilitate and relax, ready for spring? Massage therapy is beneficial to people leading busy lifestyles and suffer from work related stress. However it can also serve as a treat for yourself or a gift for someone special! Whether you would like a 10 minute massage to target that tight knot in your neck or a full hour body session, we will be happy to offer you a professional and […]