Eliminate Unwanted Thread Veins and Pigmentation!

Thread veins are formed by an increase in the size of small blood vessels beneath the surface of the skin. Sometimes referred to as spider naevi, these tiny red, blue or purple veins can appear anywhere on the body but are most commonly found on the face and legs. There are a range of unavoidable factors that cause thread veins to develop under our skin such as UV light, extreme temperatures and wind. Additionally, hormonal changes and genetics. Some individuals […]

Exclusive Teeth Whitening by Ricky Ghosh

If you are looking for the perfect Hollywood smile, performed by a professional with amazing value for money then look no further! We are excited to welcome Dr Ricky Ghosh to the team at Aesthetics of Essex. He is a qualified Cosmetic Dental Surgeon with years of experience, exclusively available at our salon. Since 2008, he has been performing revolutionary teeth whitening services within the NHS and private sector industry, transforming his patient’s drab teeth into striking smiles. He is […]

Accentuate Features with a Little Help from your Friends!

Every aspect of life can take its toll on our skin and face; weight loss, smoking, alcohol and stress are all major contributors. Sometimes we might not have time to take as much care of our skin as we would like to, forgetting vital hydration through moisturising and speeding up the signs of aging… Dermal fillers could be the perfect “pick-me-up” that will help you achieve the younger, more refreshed appearance you crave. They can also be used to correct […]

Regret getting that tattoo? Make it vanish!

Did you know that nowadays 50% of us regret getting at least one of our tattoos done? One reason is believed because it makes us look ‘common, uncultured, or a bit of a chav’, another is that it held us back in our careers. Additionally, one third of us worry they’ll look awful as they grow older due to fading. We know that the majority of us are under the impression that tattoos are a permanent thing, however we are […]

The White Way to a Perfect Smile

The effects of teeth whitening can offer around 2 (every little helps) to 10 shade lift and last for a maximum of 3 years as our teeth discolour naturally with age and exposure to our diet. The surface of our teeth contains tiny pores that are penetrated, over years, causing the discoloration to tooth enamel. Your pearly whites are one of the first things others notice and a whiter smile is seen as more attractive than one that contains stains […]