Problem Areas? Melt Them!

Hot topic: New revolutionary fat-melting injection as featured in this week’s Look Magazine! Available at Aesthetics of Essex, this aqualyx treatment is the perfect solution for anyone that wants to get rid of fat fast and with ease! This is a treatment that can melt fat cells present in many areas of the body with results that are visible after just one session. It consists of an injection containing a combination of plant polymers and a water solution that is […]

New Year, New Skin

Christmas and New Year festivities can leave our skin looking tired and lackluster. Rejuvenate and slow down the appearance of ageing with our effective Derma Roller skin treatment. The dermaroller (also known as micro needling) is a small hand-held device which has micro surgical steel needles that reach the deeper surface of your skin to stimulate blood flow and force a skin repair response. This starts the rebuilding process where elasticity increased and new collagen is produced to smoothen out […]